REVOBILD -- a web site for text mode and DOS Internet use

   Some pages of available text and program files.

Files ending on ".htm", "html" or ".txt" are HTML-formatted, or plain text resp. The ".zip" extension signifies a compressed file which has to be downloaded as "binary" or "image" and then to be uncompressed, or "unZIPped". The ".exe" extension signals a "selfextracting" archive, to be downloaded as binary/image and which will uncompress when run with its own filename.


This site here will by and large replace the depository of DOS net stuff earlier and for ages hosted at - that old friendly server has always been so sloooow to download from; and lately it has just vanished.


The pages here are - or will be - structured a bit differently, and (will) retain only stuff related to text mode (and DOS-run) net-use programs.

The sections are:

Utilities and general/system helper stuff, like coders/decoders, some DOS editors, (tel-)communications utilities and diagnosis prog.s, etc.

The page for DOS-  Networking Applications contains the LSppp packet driver, the DOSlynx, FTP, etc., most of them based on the WATTCP arrangement, while there is a specific  eMail Utilities list for eMail related things.

REVOBILD's  ReRead file manager and mail reader with related stuff has its own section, as well as the section with the
NETBAS interpreter and the scripts to use with it.

Networking items related to (inter-)connectivity, from small in-house nets to wireless and cable uplinks to The Net, specificly too on co-operation between DOS and Linux run units and utilities, shall get some place too.

At least, that's the program. There isn't everything here yet but hopefully it will fill up; the idea is to have basic staff for all use of The Net's functionalities with DOS applications in one place.

The earlier /inti/-section on ICT and Development and with general interest articles will have its own place on this server; but the more technical, practical aspects here are quite well intended to support the basic ideas around "green" use of 'puters and The Net: Responsible (re-)use of material, and economical soustainable as well as freely accessible Net Commons.

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