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  This is a list of tags/references and directly available texts.
  Some of the page is in German.
  Die Liste entstand in Zusammenhang mit der Themen-Ausgabe von
  zu "Internet und Entwicklung - Ins Netz gegangen".
  (epd-EP nr. 11 [Juni] 2002)

Die beiden Texte von Robert Verzola in dieser Ausgabe von ENTWICKLUNGSPOLITIK sind vom Autor autorisierte, zusammenfassende Versionen (Übersetzung Heimo Claasen) der ersten beiden hier anfgeführten Texte. Zusammen mit den englischen Originalfassungen finden sich hier weitere Artikel und Essays von
Robert Verzola:

At present (summer'02), Roberto Verzola is actively involved in a lively discusion about the "commons", the open source movement and related issues in the "solaris" list.
(un/sub info: with the word "help" in the subject line or in the body of the message. URL:


Einige Absätze und Details, und schon gar die Anhänge/Kästen meines eigenen Beitrags waren dem üblichen Platzmangel in jener EP-Ausgabe geopfert worden; hier ist noch der ganze rohe Text,
"Techno-Rassismus - Falsche Innovation und echte Ausgrenzung"
als textfile abgelagert.

"The digital hype in South Asia has been around for close to a decade now and there is no end in sight..." writes

     Gaurab Raj Upadhaya in an
    "Digital delusions in the South".

"Digital technology in its current corporate form is irrelevant to a wide cross-section of the populace. What can be done to salvage it and orient it towards the objectives of development ?"
Is has just been published in the HIMAL SOUTH ASIAN journal (August 2002) and is available as a textfile here too.


  Cees J. Hamelink:
  Keynote at the Opening Session of the Civil Society Sector Meeting at the Prepcom 1 for the World Summit on the Information Society,
  July 1, 2002, Geneva,
  is available as textfile here.


Here is the text of a contribution to the "incommunicado" conference of June 2005 in Amsterdam which continues on the thread of Verzola's concept of the "intermediary" role of the cyberlords: It aims at the "tollgate" function of formatting inherent in monopoly positions for fundamental communicative processes:

Heimo Claasen: "Formatting the Message- Formatting the Net: Trusted Computing and Digital Right Management to Accelerate the Proprietary Seizure."
The rather long footnotes are in a separate textfile.
Together with other contributions to the workshop it has been printed in:
Lovink, Geert and Soenke Zehle (eds.): "Incommunicado Reader", accessible at the site of the Amsterdam Institute of Network Cultures.

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