eMAILing with DOS

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Sortmail by Martin Goebbels is a small and extremely versatile utility to sort mail items in a "mailbag", or mail folder, i.e. in a single file with number of raw downloaded mails or news items, like those from the GET-MAIL dowloads or in Nettamer's *.DLU files or the Netscape mailbags. Searches for both header lines criteria as well as in full text.

Detailed description for the setup of Marc Ressl's NETMAIL-for-DOS.

For NEWSGROUPS, and using the WATTCP setup - more's not needed:

GetNews from Martin Goebbel: simple and straightforward usegroups downloader.

PostNews from Martin Goebbel: ditto tool to post to newsgroups.

to get some URL-specified file directly from the Net, no browser needed.

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