ReRead is a general (DOS) file handling tool specificly geared to eMail reading and handling.
It lists (displays) any text files and offers selective copy functions with an easy target selection to append text anywhere to a file in the "system".
Specificly it reads and indexes mail (and newsgroups) folders, allowing for highly versatile selection and "householding" tasks.
ReRead can remap weird characters and strings to legible text, and offers lots of hook-ins for number of decoding (Base_64, HTML, Quoted-Printable, etc.) utilities.
Download the package with the latest version, ReRead v4.94 of Aug'08 here which contains the main executable, a template configuration file RER-CONF.RER and a file for the (default) hotkey bindings, RER-KEYS.RER.

Most of ReRead's functioning is meant to be rather self-evident, and basic help for the meaning of "hot (command) keys" is available by pressing the [SP]ace bar in any of the program's modes.
The detailed manual RER-KEYS.TXTis available as a text file separately,
as well as a functional "HOW-TO" text file for some of the major tasks.

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