REVOBILD -- utility programs and helper applications

Most important and first step: to get telephone DIAL-UP connectivity with The Net. The LSppp Dialler and Packet Driver from David Lindauer has his own website here.

If there's a problem with LSppp's built-in dialler, you can use the CHAT dialler for DOS which is highly configurable and paves that part of the way for running the LSppp Packet Driver, or Marc Ressl's NETDIAL

For questions of connectivity through some kind of Ethernet link-up please go to the Networking Utilities page.

All eMail related things are assembled at the "Mailgear" page, and at the specific page for NETBAS and scripts to use with this interpreter.

Helper applications for use with eMail, file/text treatment or as plug-ins with the ReRead offline reader:

[...details to edit...]


The Blackbeard
editor (self-expanding archive) Small footprint, big editing power, and absolutely "clean": the ideal companion for ReRead ! Up to 10 windows to edit in and to switch in-between, really ergonomic layout as default though allows to reconfigure key bindings - all!, not only command keys - _completely_ at your gusto.

And Captain_Blackbeard
- even more "powerful" as they'd say; with number of programming languages supported etc. but needs a bit more memory (too much as plug-in for ReRead). Offers a quick fix for the one and only disadvantage of Blackbeard, in that it digests endlessly long unbroken lines - loading a file, then saving it again provides enough linebreaks so that BB can eat it.

Old E88 - extremely elementary editor but then, extremely small small footprint (13 Kb).


De/Coders, Parsers:

docview - difficulties with the more recent (M$-void >8) .DOCs
catdoc - more recent; but wouldn't run on XT or AT('286) PCs.
dox - get rid of preposterous M$-"rich"-text misformatting.

Plug-ins for picture/pixel display:

CShow - _does_ work on monochrome monitors
LXpic - does _not_ work with mono screens

Some Basic DOS-helpers:

The FreeKEYB keyboard driver has a smaller footprint than the MS- or DR-DOS equivalents but offers enormously more options.

Holdit is a nifty miniscule tool for batch files: pauses for keyboard input and translates it to batch-programmable "errorlevels".

The DR-DOS filelink for direct - through parallel or serial port - connection between two PCs.

The IRQCHECK diagnosis tells what com-ports are present in the machine and the interrupts used for them,
and there is a patched version of it for some 386+ machines which misbehave.

The '386-Emulator runs later programs on a "legacy" AT'286 PC.

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