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This place is always under construction !

Regrettably, the old DOS repository doesn't exist any more - the former hosting server "" simply has vanished. Thus, gone are a number of sources for DOS and text-mode internet use at that place and number of early (1990's) texts for North-South related discussions (and) on the politics and economics of using the web. Though some earlier texts on ICT and development are here.

These pages here focus on:

to access and use the net efficiently.

As we had our own - and often bad, tiresome, time and connection fees wasting - experiences with using the internet, we want to let you share tools and tips about how to use the net in a most efficient and economical way to produce, send, receive, and work with the essence of it - which is TEXT.
Lots of Links and programs to download !
The long-standing depository for DOS and DOS-net things (at "") does not work any more but some of it and more recent stuff is at the above mentioned place now.

Likewise for the most recent version of the ReRead file and mail managing tool.

Last update of this page: 26 Mar 2023 (Sub-pages are updated more frequently)