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Luc Montagnier ( - 8.Feb.2022)

    ADDED APRIL 2022:

Questions about Ukrainean biolabs - in English and German, resp. - starting with transcripts from Belo-Russian and Russian TV programs (6 Apr 2022) on US biolabs in Ukraine

    ADDED JULY 2022:

(Video ~1 hr:)
MIT-Analysis of damages by Covid-19 spikes and other substances in mRNA vaccines

Dr. Stefanie Seneff at Corona-Ausschuu Session 114 (22.7.2022)

Montagnier-colleague Perez on new CJD ("mad cow disease") cases in France
( a .DOC version of the paper which mysteriously had vanished from Reseachgate after 132'thsd. reads.)
Here is a detailed Review article

The earlier paper by Montagnier and Perez on HIV-inserts into SARS-CoV-2.
(in French) An explanation of key points of their methodology

    ADDED AUGUST 2022:

Jeffrey Sachs packt aus
- in an interview in "Current Affairs" of 20 May.2022 about how he learned as chair of the "Lancet" committee that Fauci and leading "Gain-of-Function" researchers systemically suppressed questioning the origins of SARS-CoV-2.(cf. his appeal quoted)


about overlapping aspects in the development of Ebola, HIV, and SARS research.

   ADDED MAY 2023

right from the horse's mouth:
what the US did in "Wuhan"

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