REM: Transcribed subtitles of TV presentations as captured from the web; and additional bits and pieces:

These are not the first but the first detailed Russian TV programs concerning Gain-of-Function (GoF) research in Ukraine, published in the heat of propaganda battles at the time of the Russian war against Ukraine.

However, they have relevance regarding two aspects.
First, in that they mention developments in Ukraine which, even where they are based on sources in the "Western" public domain, have been hardly taken notice of in the media; and sure, one has to read critically.
Secondly, in what specificly the Russian declaration does not mention: Either because they perhaps did not recur to substantially critical "Western" publications on GoF - perhaps refusing to recognize these, as quite an important part of the Russian academic hierarchy in microbiological/virological research is engaged on this path -, or to (yet) conceal what more they might know.

Interestingly, while the Belo-Russian TV-report explicitly talks about corona viruses having been worked upon in the Ukrainian laboratories, there is no mentioning of this in the Russian ministry's declaration; though it can be presumed that the Belo-Russian publication would have been (more or less directly) coordinated between them.

Anyway, with this Russian publishing offensive, the debate about GoF research has been pushed into "high politics".

-hc (this thread started  18.4.22

(1) Belo-Russian TV ATN, 28.3.22

(2) RT DE, 2.4.2022

Some days later though, came an additional announcement:
"Bat coronavirus found in U.S.-funded bio-lab in Ukraine: Russian Defense Ministry"
So, it's still no details at that moment.

Occasional trouvaille:
"2019 November 12: Black and Vetch sends $369,511 to Labyrinth Global Health in Ukraine for ” Covid-19 Research” before Covid-19 was know or named publicly."
(Besides of two typos - "Veatch", not "Vetch", "was known" not "know" - the info seems to be correct.)